Thursday, 5 October 2017

Kayan Mata

This is training for Kayan mata 
What are you still waiting for?
Do you know a lot of women are responsible for the lack of love and care in their marriage?
Your husband insist you wash immediately before love making even after you bathed 5 minutes before?
Your tummy is like that of Mr ibu
And other personal problems you're going through

Kayan mata is the most common herbs Hausa women use in keeping their men. Literally, kaya means property & mata means woman in the Hausa language.

Some women say sex without kayan mata is like cooking without spices.

It makes men enjoy it and such men can promise their women anything because of the pleasure they derive and always ask for more.

Here, you'll learn natural way to make

Sex sweetener*
Vagina lubricant*
V-fluid booster*
Dry vagina remedy*
Booster drinks*
Attraction perfume*
Sex sweetener powder*
Sex sweetener water*
Sexual feeling*
Follow follow*
Natural family planning*
Libido booster drink*
Tsumi combo*
Kunu Aya*
Low sperm count*
No fast release*
Abdomen cleansing*
Butt/Hip enlarger*
Breast enlarger*
Breast mask*
Breast firming oil*
Breast enlargement cream*
Flat belly recipe*
Irregular mensuration*
+e-books on kayan mata

Register and say bye bye to all these problems. Safeguard your man from strange women today.

Cleansing and dehydrating juice
Liver cleanser
Knowing your Rhesus factor
Remedy for infertility
Remedy for Impotency
Remedy for Gonorrhea
Bleeding after delivery
Arthritis/Rheumatism remedy
Goat weed tea
Coconut and turmeric drink
Moringa leaves drink
Pineapple skin drink
Apple cider
Liver disease
Treatment for malaria, typhoid, toothache, sleeplessness, quick delivery, worms and ear disease
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*NOTE* They're all natural remedies and training is everyday by 9pm k
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Fee:  N1000
Abraham Godwin s 
After payment send an sms or Call/whatsapp 08113876961
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