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Apparatus Needed For Making Liquid Soap*. 
1.A Bowl or basin. 
2.A Turning stick /Wooden spoon. 
3. Hand gloves. 
4. bucket. 
6. Funnel. 
7. Water
A bowl or basin - This is where you pour all your ingredients before mixing. 
A turning stick or turning spoon will be used for turning the solution. 
Hand gloves are used to protect the hands from harmful chemicals. 
Buckets/bucket is for storing the water you'd be using for your solution. 
Containers for packaging 
Funnel which will be used as a medium for pouring the solution into the containers.
Chemicals Needed For Making Liquid Soap. 
1.Nitrosol/CMS which stands for ( Carboxy methyl cellulose). 
2. Caustic Soda is added in a little quantity. Its work is to avoid damaging of clothes and skin reactions 
3.SLS(Sodium Laurate sulphate) 
4.STPP (Sodium tripoysphonate) is optional but can be used if the liquid soap is not going to be used for laundry.
5. Soda ash
6. Texapon. 
7. Sulphoric acid. 
8. Perfume fragrance of your choice. 
9.Colour - colourless, lemon and green which is the most common. 
10. Water.
*Steps On How To Make /Prepare Liquid Soap*
1. Put your chemicals in separate bowls each. 
This is done to avoid a flop when preparing liquid soaps. Your hands should be in continues movement, so putting them in separate bowls instead of having to untie each chemical will save the day
After that, you dissolve your 2 Litre of caustic Soda with 2 Litres of water. 
Allow it to dissolve very well for 20 mins to 1 hour. Some do allow theirs to dissolve overnight
3. Dissolve your soda ash for 20 - 1 hour or overnight. 
Your soda ash should also be dissolved separately in 2 Litres of water.
4. SLS should be dissolved with little water....2 cups
5. STTP should be dissolved with 2 cups of water too
Now its time to mix everything together.
1. Get your dissolved nitrosol and stir while you 
2. Add your dissolved Sulphonic Acid and continue stirring continuesly. 
3. Add your dissolved caustic acid to the solution while continuously stirring. 
4. Add your soda Ash. 
5.Then your SLS. 
6. Add your texapon before the colorant and perfume
6.Add your colorant which has already being dissolved and finally your liquid soap
Stir everything together very well cos that's key
Finally, add your water depending on how thick you want it to be
Allow it to dissolve overnight then its ready for use
*If you are having difficulty with the measurements, you can ask the people selling organics to mix your chemicals according to the quantity of liquid soap you want to make*
Or the second method which is 👇
You can also opt for a second way of making the  liquid soap which is : Mixing the dry chemicals together little by little, one after the other and pouring the water lastly. 
The second method is by adding your nitrosol while turning continuously, your caustic Soda, sls, stpp, soda ash and stirring them all together. Get a separate bowl, mix your Sulphonic Acid and Texapon  together separately. 
Bring your desired amount of water and start by pouring the dry chemicals little by little into the water then comes the Sulphonic Acid and Texapon which has been mixed already. 
Add your colorant and leave it to dissolve overnight. 
Some people prefer to add perfume after it has dissolved over night for best effect
1. *Soda Ash*
2. *Caustic soda*
3. *Sulphonic acid*
4. *Formalin*
5. *Water*
6. *Perfume*
7. *Containers for packaging*
*Measure your water into the bowls made for that purpose*
*Pour in your caustic Soda pearls*
*Stir evenly to dissolve the caustic soda pearls*
It will get to a stage where your solution will begin to generate heat.
*Then the next chemical to follow is your Sulphonic Acid.*
*Measure the desired quantity of your Sulphonic Acid into your bowl and increase your stirring rate*
Stir fast
*Stir evenly with the caustic soda solution*
*Then add formalin and colorant.*
*Stir well to mix properly and finally add your perfume which forms the base of this product*
This another Air refreshner recipe
Stronger than the water base but more expensive
*Materials and quantity*
*Alcohol. 2.5liters*
*Menthol crystal 1/2 table spoon*
*Industrial camphor 1/2 table spoon*
*Fragrance ( up to 5 different types). 1 short each*
*Eg strawberry, Atlantic, caprice, Lexus,lemon, happiness etc*
*Mix all the fragrance together and shake*
*Add the already mixed fragrance into the alcohol and shake vigorously*
*add the industrial camphor*
*Add the menthol crystal and shake vigorously*
*Add any color of choice and shake the whole mixture together and your powerful air freshener is ready for packaging*
*NOTE:alcohol based is more expensive than water based. Water will increase the quantity. And alcohol give you more quality in odour*
How to make bournvita
coaco powder,
Icing sugar,
get a clean nd dry bowl,
pour ur coaco powder nd add the icing sugar nd mix througly.
add the flavour nd mix, break ur egg nd remove the yolks, use only the white water nd mix with ur tea very well till its all blend together. then put in oven to dry very well,
then u r good to go. (MERSUREMENT) 500mg of coaco powder, 1pack of icing sugar, 1 flavour bottles nd 5eggs. Best Of Luck.
Hydrochloric Acid (Raw)
Soda Ash
Sulphoric Acid
1. Mix Texapon in 2 liters of water and turn very
2. Pour in your HCL and continue turning for like 20
3. Add Sulphoric Acid+Soda ash and keep turning for the
whole mixture to mix well
4. Allow to settle, then package your new product.
H.T.H (Chlorine)
Caustic Soda
Soda Ash
1. Pour some water in a bowl
2. Add all the chemicals together, and stir very well
3. Allow to settle for 24 hours
4. Sieve out the sediments.
5. Package in your desired container.
1 cup jojoba oil
½ cup witch hazel
2-3 drops Vitamin E (acts ash
preservative )
10-15 drops Frankincense
essential oil
10-15 drops Chamomile essential
Distilled water to thin
Combine the ingredients in a small glass
measuring cup. Stir to combine. Pour the
mixture into spray bottle.
Some of the most popular essential oils
for homemade aftershaves include: Bay ,
Carrot, Chamomile , Elemi , Frankincense,
Juniper Berry, Palmarosa, Patchouli ,
Rosemary , Tea Tree, Sage , Vetiver, and
Yarrow .
Paraffin wax
Paraffin oil
Colour of dye (brown, black and neutral)
Place the pot on heat (stove), let it get hot and put the paraffin wax in the pot.
Melt it completely and then add the paraffin oil to it and stir it very well. Add your desired color of dye to it and mix together properly. Pour the mixture into the storage container you have prepared and allow it to cool. Your polish is ready.
*Paraffin oil or liquid oil: This is the oil that helps to reduce thickness of vaseline since water is not added in the production. It has healing and a nourishing ability.
*Jelly :This is a nourishing agent that helps to thicken and hold the vaseline together.
*Paraffin wax : Help to hold the mixture together.
* Lanolin : This ingredient gives the vaseline an elastic feel.
*Fragrance : It gives a nice flavour or scent to your vaseline.
*Vitamin E : It serves as an anti-oxidant for nourishing dry and crack skin.
*Colour to used ranges from blue, green, yellow brown and neutral.
*Paraffin oil 6tsp
*Jelly 1 and half cup
*Paraffin wax 2tsp
*Lanolin 1tsp
*Vitamin E
*Drop a clean pot on a heat (stove).
*Add the Paraffin oil, paraffin wax, jelly and lanolin
*Allow them to dissolve and mixed properly.
*Add vit. E and allow it to dissolve
*Drop the pot from heat and wait for it to cool down a bit.
Then add Fragrance and Colour then scoop into vaseline container.
Homemade Mayonnaise -
How to Make Mayonnaise at Home, homemade mayo
Makes about 1 cup of Mayonnaise
- 1 large Egg (at room temperature)
- 150ml Vegetable oil
- 1 tablespoonful Lemon juice or Vinegar(optional, but gives it a slight acidic taste)
- 1/4 teaspoon salt (or to taste)
Note: you can also add spices and herbs to your mix, if you want to.
1. Wash the egg thoroughly and break into a blender.
2. Add the salt ,vegetable oil and lemon juice or Vinegar and blend the mixture for 10 seconds and stop when you notice the mixture turning slightly white.
3. After 10 seconds, continue blending for another 20 seconds until all the ingredients are well incorporated.
If you're using a hand blender,do an upwards and downwards movement until the oil is well combined with the egg.
You should have a stiff and smooth consistency.
4. Finally pour into a sterile container and your homemade mayonnaise is ready for use.
Homemade Mayonnaise keeps for up to 1 week.
Quick notes:
- You can beat the egg first until stiff before adding the oil and lemon juice, this will result in a thicker mayonnaise.
- Eggs from pastured hens are best used for mayonnaise because they contain 20 times more healthy omega-3 fatty acids than factory-fed hens
We are going to be learning how to make Dettol
Needed Chemicals are :
1. Texapon
2. Pine oil
3. Phenol
4. Chloroxynol
5. IPA
6. colorant  and
7.  Water
Directions For Dettol production
1. Pour  your texapon into a bowl and turn.
2. Turn/stir continuously as you add your pine oil.
3.Add your chloroxynol
4. Keep stirring and pour in your phenol.
5. Followed by your IPA.
6. Add Water then
7. Colorant(which is has the color of the Dettol you buy in shops) and stir very well
What's the full meaning of IPA? pls
Isopropyl Alcohol
Do not add too much Dettol colorant as it will alter the the appearance of the Dettol and make it look burnt /unpleasant in the eyes.
*Materials and formulation* for bleach making
*Materials Quantity*
*Chlorine.         2kg*
*Soda ash.       2kg*
*Caustic soda. 1/4 (one-quarter) kg*
*Water.         30liters*
*Water:* is the base ingredient
*Chlorine:* is the bleaching agent
*Soda ash:* is the whitening agent
*Caustic soda:* is the washing agent
*Bleach is a product used for removing stain from white cloths, tiles, toilet dish, slabs etc. It should not be use on colored fabrics! We already know about this.*
*Add chlorine and stir*
*Add soda ash and stir*
*Add caustic soda and stir*
*Allow the whole mixture for about 2minutes. Your bleach is ready for use. There may be some residue at the bottom of the mixture. The residue may be used in washing ties, and other ceramics*.
*Protect your hand and skin when handling caustic soda and soda ash*
*Make Una they muscle questions I day wait*
Note :for 2 and half litres of water.
*Texapon - half litre
*Phenol -250g
*(Tarpinol or pine oil) to your choice.
*Colour to your choice.
Mix texapon with phenol and stir it. Let it dissolve for 10 mins.
Add tarpinol or pine oil and stir well.
Add Chlorozarinol and stir.
Now add water and stir.
Then add Colour to your choice.
Dettol is ready to use
With #1500 you can produce 20 litres of Izal
Izal booster 1/2
Izal concentrate 1/8
Pine oil 1/8
Texapon 1/8
Whitener or thickner 1/8
Phenol (kills germs) 1/8
Lysol 1/8
Water 20 litres
Pour your phenol in a plastic bowl
Pour 20 litres of water inside it in a bowl, then stir together
Add your texapon as a foaming agent and stir
Add your pine oil, mix it thoroughly.
Add your izal carbolic, continue to stir.
Add your Whitener (it makes it thicker), stir continuously.
Add izal booster (kills germs), add lysol, add concentrate. Stir it well till it dissolve completely. Your izal is ready.
1 cup of caustic soda
1 cup of soda ash
1 cup of palm kernel oil
1 cup of sodium bicarbonate
1 cup of any disinfectant
1 silicate borax
Ferment 1 cup of caustic soda and 1 cup of soda ash for 48hours (2days) in a cup of water
Pour in a pot and  heat over a stove for between 30mint or 1hour
Then add palm kernel oil to it
Add colourant
Caustic soda
Sodium bicarbonate
Pour all together into a mould to set.
Candle wax
Heat the candle wax on fire
Fix the thread to the wax in moulds
Allow it to cool for about 22 hours
Cut it to your desire shape
8 liters of kerosene
1 liter of Ipa
1 liter of methano
½ liter of formula
¼ liter of camphor
1 liter of sniper
Air drum fresher
Mix Ipa and methanol together
Add formula
Add camphor
Add sniper
Add kerosene
Add air Freshner drummer stir all together very well & allow to ferment 4 24 hours,  
Your insecticide is ready to use or sale
*Materials Needed for laundry Soap Production*
👉Oil:Palm Kernel Oil(PKO):this is the oil that is mostly used for producing washing soap,firstly because it gives a good lather,secondly because its surplus and relatively cheap compared to other oils
👉Custic soda: this is the most important chemical in soap production. Without custic soda,u cannot produce soap.
*these 👆are the two most  important ingredients in making laundry soap*
👉sodium silicate. This is what makes the soap harder,so that it won't melt easily while using it to wash
👉soda ash(optional):This helps in increasing the quantity of soap,but I don't use it because it gives just a little increase,and d increase is just worth the price of the soda ash. So its pointless
👉sodium sulphate ( optional) it is also believed to increase soap quantity
👉perfume:this gives scent to your soap.
👉colour:gives the soap colour
👉hydrometer: this is for measuring the alkalinity of the custic soda solution
👉mould: its a container for pouring the soap batter after mixing,for it to solidify.
👉soap cutter or knife:for cutting the soap after it dries.
👉long sleeves and handgloves: for protecting the hands
👉face mask;to prevent yourself from inhaling the chemicals
👉 *pls note that all those ingredients I wrote &optional&. They can be used but the  truth is that it doesn't make a difference to your soap,and it simply increases your cost of production* personally I don't use them because if I do,then how much will I sell the soaps? I only use PKO,Custic soda,silicate,perfume and colour(sometimes). If I want an off white soap,I don't use colour.
There are two methods of soap production. We have the *Hot Process(HP)* And we have the *Cold Process(CP)*. I'll be teaching the CP method,because that's the method I use.
*How to make custic soda solution*
Before u start making soap,you have to prepare your custic soda solution. *What is custic soda solution:* It is the process of dissolving and soaking your custic soda with adequate amount of water, and leaving it to soak for days(at least 1day,for it to ferment. The liquid caustic soda is what we call custic soda solution
*formular for making custic soda solution:* The general formular is 1:2. I.e, 1 to ratio 2. 1 stand for caustic soda,and 2 stands for water. This means that if your caustic soda is 1 cup,u will use 2 cups of water to soak it. If your caustic soda is 2 cups,you will use 4 cups of water to soak it.  This also means that If caustic soda is 1kg,you will use 2 liters of water to soak it. Also if ur caustic soda is half kg,u will use 1  liter of water to soak it.This also means that if u buy 2kg of custic soda,you will use 4 liters of water to soak it. And so on...
   Pls note that even after using this formular,to soak the caustic soda,it will still be too strong for making soap. And this is where the use of hydrometer comes in.At the point when u want to produce ur soap,you will use ur hydrometer to test the alkalinity of the caustic soda solution,add more water to adjust, then test it again.
*definition of soap mould and the different types*
👉Mould is any container which you pour you soap,for it to dry. We have wooden mould,alluminium mould,plastic plastic mould,and silicon mold.Wooden and aluminium moulds are common, but plastic and silicon moulds are not.
Having done all these introductions,we are now going into the soap making proper;
Now we shall have an explanation on how to produce laundry soap using 2 liters of PKO
*soap chemicals and measurement*
👉PKO: 2 liters
👉custic soda solution:1liter
👉silicate:2 to 3 table spoons
👉colour: to your taste
👉perfume: to your taste
1-- pour your PKO in a plastic bucket
2--Put a pinch of colour-half tea spoon(oil based colour)and stir very well so it mixes with ur pko
3--pour your custic soda solution and stir
4--put the silicate(3 to 4 table spoons)and  perfume and  stir. You will have a smooth pap-like consistency.(just like pap or custard)
4--pour into mould that has already been lined with nylon.
5--leave for at least 6 hours or 24 hours  to solidify.
6--then remove from the mould and transfer to your soap cutter and cut
7-- then stamp ur soaps or just cut without stamping.
Natrosol- many or as desired (it's to make it thick)
SLS-1 milk cup
Caustic soda-1/2kg
Soda ash—1 milk cup
Hcl- half litre 
Color- your choice
Soak the caustic soda to dissolve for a day with 5litres of water, then add the hcl, and cover till the next day (hcl will make the environment look smoky and might even make the mixture foam/pour out of the bucket). I advice u use big paint bucket.  Then get another bowl, mix the soda ash and SLS (Dissolve the SLS to paste before adding) together. Then add your texapon, mix together with the soda ash and SLS, add your color, then add it to the caustic soda in d bucket and stir vigorously.
Get another paint bucket, mix your Natrosol (the instant one is better, avoid the one u soak for days) with little quantity of water, make sure it Dissolves properly, then start adding the mixture in the other bucket to it gradually, stir while adding, then u can add more water if it's too thick.
Use enough Natrosol to balance with the mixture else there might be separation in the process.  
Then after mixing u can leave for a few hours, before packaging
Menthol crystal-1/4 tbsp
Pepper mint oil-smallest tin tomato cup
Industrial camphor - A pinch
Paraffin wax – small cup (same with pepper mint oil)
Color - very light yellow
Put on your stove low heat, and do a double boiler put the jelly in and when it is melted, add your paraffin wax and after it has melted add the other things on the recipe list. Allow them melt then add your color allow it cool a little and pour into a plastic container for use
Petroleum jelly-7tbsp
Lanolin -1 teaspoon
Paraffin wax-1table spoon
Paraffin oil-5tbspoon
Color - very small
Fragrance - not more than 5drops
heat your paraffin oil in a pot (3mins)
Add the wax (make sure it dissolves)
Add d lanolin (put off the fire) allow it cool
Add glycerine, Perfume and color...
*MEDICATED SOAP AND TOILET SOAP* This is basically the same procedure and component as in the case of bar and toilet soap but there are additions that are needed to make the mixture medicated.
The following ingredients are inclusive:-
(a)     Detol          (b)     Izal   (c)     Carbolic acid all these goes in for large quantity production.
(d)     Blue colourant or any other of choice to suit your medicated soap. There should be no perfume because the odour of the above ingredients will supercede.
(1)     Carry your PKO and pour into the mixing container. Add your hardening agent slightly, for 20 litres of PKO and 10 litres of soda solution, add two tea cups of Izal, two tea cups of detol and two tea cups of carbolic acid.
(2)     Add two cups of dissolved colourant
(3)     Add ½ a tea cup of sodium silicate and stir with paddle very well.
(4)     Pour into mould for drying.
(5)     After drying, cut in bars and transfer them on to the tableting machine one by one.
(6)     Transfer each to stamping machine
(7)     Package for usage or for marketing.
          This is soap in powdered form used for various purposes especially in the house.  
The components are the same as in the case of other soap discussed but the difference is that while others have 2:1 ration, it has a ration of 1:1. It also demands soda ash, catalyst, and sulphunic acid.
1.       Measure out one bucket of PKO
2.       Measure out one bucket of soda solution in a different container after your gauging with hydrometer.
3.       Pour the oil in bigger mixing vessel
4.       Add 1kg of soda ash and stir
5.       Add hydrogen to be your catalyst. Stir very well and
6.       Add sulphunic acid (not sulphuric). Sulphuric acrid can be use but it is very dangerous to handle.
7.       Add the soda solution and stir very well.
8.       Add your colour and perfume and
9.       Finally add Ammonia solution which has a pungent smell, stir well and
10.     Pour into mould.
11.     Leave the mixture to dry.
12.     Spread under sun to dry very well then sieve to have your powdered soap.


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